root@nct:~ hello fucking admin !!!
root@nct:~ ./blackdeath Are Here !!!
root@nct:~ Your security so fucking low.
root@nct:~ Please patch your security bitch !!.
root@nct:~ I will come back soon.
root@nct:~ We are Nightmare Cyber Team

[+] Fucked By : ./blackdeath
[+] Message : Don't be Panic bro, Hacking is Art.. Cyber as Fucking Kidding for Us !!!

We are Nightmare Cyber Team
We are Terror
We are Hidden
We are Underground
We Play with Extremely Code
Respect us !!!

[+] Greetz : ./sec-scream - ./ghost1337 - ./bloodycrash - ./darkcoder - ./blackdeath - ./cyberthunder

Nightmare Cyber Team

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